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Server-based Real-Time Ethernet
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The emergence of new design and development foundations in CPS

Component-oriented design methodologies are gaining momentum in the design of complex CPS. Its attractiveness derives from the property of composability, in the functional and non-functional domains, that they bring. This property allows integrating diverse components in a system in which they share resources while satisfying their individual service requirements and enforcing mutual temporal isolation. Server-oriented architectures are an effective means to enable such kind of resource sharing, and can be the basis for resource partitioning and virtualization, supporting the separation between application components as well as between the application software and the hardware platform on which they will execute. Such separation has the potential to bring significant development and commissioning cost reductions at the system level and is currently the object of active frameworks such as AUTOSAR in the automotive domain, IMA in avionics or IEC61499 in industrial automation.